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Personalized Calendars bring joy all year long. When is comes to making calendars there are a variety of choices you have. You can create wall calendars, desk calendars, magnetic calendars, pocket calendars, poster calendars and more. Each giving you a different personalized look for you to enjoy all year round.

Wall Calendars – you can personalize the way you organize, create a photo calender to stay on track all year long! Large pictures, words, create a collage,  and have background templates. Most companies have a variety of template and sizes for you to choose from. You can add extra images, highlight dates and much more.

Desk Calendars – Add some personality to your desk with a completely personalized photo calendar. Show off images of your family, friends, and exciting life out of work! You can use single or multiple images and shop a variety of styles. Make sure to highlight important work/scheduling events to keep you on track as you go the year through.

Magnetic Calendars – perfect for a business or personal marketing opportunity. What better way to stay in touch with clients than to be stuck on the place they open daily… the fridge! Simple or colorful patterns to create a unique visible calendar. Really showcase yourself and your logo and bring attention to your brand on a daily basis!!

Pocket Calendars – Add a theme, contact information, and logos to use with the perfect marketing giveaway. Everyone can use a pocket calendar to keep in hand, in their purse, with their checks and more that helps them stay on track and keep you and your business in mind!

Poster Calendars – Stay organized in a BIG way! You can upload photos, or a group of photos, your logo, text and more to make a personalized poster calender that you will love to look at year round. Use your logo to stay in ones mind, pictures to stay close to the ones you love!

Not only are there a variety of types of calendars to choose from, there are also size options! Depending on which company you shop with you can also add countless personalized options. Select dates to highlight/remember, extra reminder texts, showcase up to 16 photos, and be able to start your calendar on any month of the year!

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